Friday, February 25, 2011


                  What is with parents today? No wonder old people hate our generation, the parents of my generation are lazy as hell. When I read about a kid getting arrested in the third grade for fighting with teachers it irked me, but what really made my blood boil was reading the quote from the idiotic mother, "I don't know why he's acting like this, he doesn't do this at home". I'm sure! At home he's a perfect little gentleman and at school he's Mr. Hyde. If that lady was my friend I'd dump her right away, that's how stupid she is.
                  Most parents today think they have one job as parents and that's to make sure the kids don't die. And in my personal opinion that type of parent is simply lucky there because that type of parent almost always has a very undisciplined child. My children aren't perfect, but they do know that they aren't allowed to drive the family car no matter how much they don't want to go to church. I also hate reading about the toddler that leaves the house wearing nothing but a diaper at 2AM, what is that?!?! Doorknob covers are only about $3 for a pack of 4, so put down the blunt and get some doggone doorknob covers!
                 Too many children are not being raised, notice I said "not being raised", not "not being raised properly". Not being raised properly would imply that there was some type of effort on the parents' part, and I'm noticing more and more lately that there is no effort whatsoever. Again, put the blunt down, log off of Facebook, stop texting and step away from the phone, and try asking your kid how their day went, help them with homework, sit down to a meal and talk to the kid. You'll come to find that they aren't as bothersome when they are getting the attention they deserve.
                I've heard more than once about my perfect kids. And even though I was told about how lucky I am in a loving and joking way, one day I snapped. I told each person that made a comment about my "perfect" kids that they are not perfect, just well behaved, and each time I said that, I pointed right at my girls and said firmly, "That took a LOT of hard work! I'm not lucky, they aren't well behaved sweet well adjusted healthy children by mistake! I did that!" It's been weeks since I've heard about my perfect kids. It's not that I don't like hearing compliments about my kids, what bothers me is that many don't understand that I have worked damn hard to try to raise my kids well. I'm sure I'm messing up one way or another, but I'll do the best I can and educate myself on parenting so I can address issues that I am ignorant about.
                Too many parents don't teach manners, courtesy, kindness, cleanliness or even hygiene; basically they don't teach the things that separate us from other hairy primates. And I'll be doggone if my kids are going to be running in and out of this house at all hours of the day and night smelling of the street. What many don't understand is that life starts the day you're born, and from the day my children were born I've been raising, loving, teaching, listening, praying, hoping, and simply trying. I'm not a perfect mother, but I strive to be a good mother each and every day, whether I'm busy or not, tired or not, depressed or not. And if I am in a funk that's when I have hubby take care of bed time or bath time or outside time, whatever time needs to be handled so that my kids don't suffer because I'm burning out.
                The idiots of today are raising the disappointments of tomorrow and they don't even know that they're doing it. They swear they are good parents doing everything they can, but they're not doing anything! As for that idiot that has the third grader that was arrested for the fifth time since November, he never acts that way at home huh? Sure, you keep telling yourself that and maybe you'll even believe it one day. But remember, all the days you're not teaching your kid are doubled as days he'll be spending in jail as an adult. Hopefully when you talk the judge on his behalf and say, "But your honor, he doesn't act like this at home" the judge will lock you up for procreating under stupidity.

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