Friday, February 18, 2011

Girls Night In

             After my husband gets home he is taking the children and he's spending the weekend at his mother's house. He does this from time to time so I can have the house to myself, get my chores done quickly and loaf for the rest of the weekend. However, I'm not doing that this weekend; this weekend I'm having a Girls Night In. And I am super excited. I have had a friend spend the night here before, but it's always been only one at a time. This time there will be 4 of us and we're going to have a few drinks and have lots of laughs. It's a slumber party for grown ups, and I am greatly anticipating tomorrow. I feel like a teenager.
              I like to go out, but having a night out is too expensive, drinking and driving is a no-no so you can't have a margarita, and there's a time limit. But here we could get knee walking drunk and go to bed at 4AM and everyone would be safe as will my wallet. Now, I don't plan on getting drunk, but a nice little buzz will do :p The spread we'll have is another way we're saving money. No take out, everyone is making something and we'll have a mini buffet to pick at. Plus, if we're eating here, there's no one watching us stuff our faces or people waiting for our table.
              After the goodies and some drinks we're having a mock photo shoot so we can get goofy and mug for the camera for that perfect Facebook profile picture (it's good for the self esteem too). We're also going to have a series of girlie questions like "Have you ever asked someone when they were due and found out they weren't even pregnant?" or "Have you ever sprayed perfume on dirty clothes and worn them?" And we'll top off the evening with last year's hottest movie, Sex and the City II.
                  Spending time with my girls is something that's very important to me. It makes our bond stronger even if we're just being goofy. The point is that we can be ourselves and be silly and stuff our faces and even get a little tipsy. We don't have to watch our mouths or our manners, we can just be the uncouth burly boisterous women that we are. In our colorful group I've always been mother hen, lecturing and giving advice even when it's not wanted, so it's nice to let that label go and be the dork they all love. Even if all we do is wind up going to sleep since there's no kids or men to take care of, and our exhaustion may catch up with us before the first cocktail, that's okay, it will still be time well spent. Girls night is tomorrow and I can already tell you, I had a great time.

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