Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

          I have not had time to write because I have been so busy lately. I have been getting up nearly every morning to go to the gym and work out. You read that correctly, I have been going to the gym almost every single day for the last few weeks. I've been going with the woman I reconnected with on the trip to PCB. I have so far lost 10 lbs. and my energy level is finally growing. I have also been taking more time for myself and let me tell you, there's a rift in the home. The kids are about to revolt against their' father. The poor man really has his work cut out for him. And to that I say "It's about damn time!" 
          Lately I have been taking more pride in my appearance. I have always been fairly neat and groomed, but I have been wearing makeup a little more frequently and I've been using a hair dryer more often. The other day I was at the mall with one of my besties and in the ladies room mirror I realized I looked like my brother wearing a women's shirt. I decided to have my eyebrows threaded. And let me say the discomfort was well worth it. Now I resemble the fairer sex again and I now have two eyebrows again. I usually down play my looks because as proud as I am, I don't want to drift into conceit which is very easy for a woman to do. So far so good. I am feeling great, looking great, and I'm still kind of nice too!
           Oh, and did I mention in two weeks I'm starting a seasonal job? Well I am! I am very happy about it too. It's minimum wage at a sandwich shop, but I'm not above slinging ham for duckets. I would like to be making more, but this will be a great way to get used to working again and it'll be a great way to end the 8 year gap on my resume. Plus I'll be earning money at a time when money is really needed. All three of my children were born in December, so I have Christmas and birthdays all in the same month. Lord knows I need that money. I'm not promising there won't be a revolution in my house, but they are going to have to learn to survive without me always at the helm. 
            As you have read I have been quite busy lately. I haven't felt this good in years. I hope and pray I keep moving forward and growing along the way. Oh, did I mention that I've also taken up bowling? Another bestie of mine has turned me on to the sport and I have found yet another thing I'm pretty good at. Hopefully in a few months of practice I won't need the bumpers ;p