Friday, June 17, 2011


                The other day I was out with Mom running some errands. I asked if she could tag along to help me with my little tribe. The grocery store was our final destination before returning home and all was going very well. The kids were behaving, I was within my preferred time frame and within my budget. We were at the checkout and my son was in a very good mood. As I have stated before my son is autistic, he does not speak but he's very vocal. If he's in a good mood he'll let out these high pitched squeals of joy, which is exactly what he was doing at the time. So he let out this ear piercing shriek of joy and a lady at the next checkout says "Oh my God" with the nastiest tone and was sneering at my son like he just took a dump on the floor. I have gotten these comments and looks before at my son's volume and am used to handling them, but my mother has not. Before I could say anything she was all over the lady. "Oh my God??? Oh my God??? Well let me tell you something Ms. Oh my God! If you cannot take the outside world and the people in it then you shouldn't leave your house! Okay Ms. Oh my God!?!" I then tried to get my mother's attention, "Ma! Ma! Ma!!! Stop it you're scaring the white people! Hey lady, he's happy." My mother then interrupted me "That's right! He's happy!!!"  Me-"Ma! I'm sorry lady, but the special needs Wal Mart was closed so I had to do my shopping here." The lady and her husband became very focused on the challenging task of loading their groceries into their cart and seemed incapable of lifting their eyes above the shopping bags it contained. I do believe they were ashamed, her of her thoughtless exclamation and him because he's married to her. Have I mentioned how much I love my mother?