Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Poems

Breathe for Me
Breathe again for me, I love to watch you breathe
I take in what you let out as your body heaves
I can read your thoughts by looking in your eyes
Can you feel me loving you every time I sigh?

Breathe again for me, I need your air to live
You fill me up every time your air to me you give
Close your eyes my liege and give me your command
Everything I'll do for you, this is where I stand

Breathe again for me, take me in with your inhale
I shall give you all of me, I promise not to fail
Take me in my love, I never want to leave
I will be right here forever, just to feel you breathe.

When I Watch You Sleep
It's late but I can't sleep, I'm too busy thinking of you.
The love I feel for you is deep, I want you through and through.
I want to lay next to you, I want to feel you against my skin.
Know that what I say is true, my heart you did win.
I know that you're not perfect, But you're perfect for me.
I am your loyal subject, I pledge my loyalty.
I want to close my eyes and rest, but I want to watch you dreaming.
I want you to lay upon my breast, as I think of all of you that I am keeping.
I love you so much I want to burst, my heart does bound and leap.
You are the wine that quenches my thirst, I know this when I watch you sleep.

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