Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Hate

I hate it when people mix up words that they know are wrong. For example:
Imply/Infer. You get the idea.

I hate it when people overuse words in conversations: like, you know what I'm sayin, just sayin, whatever

I hate it when there's an unruly child and the parents think it's funny, cute, normal. No, it's not funny for a child to curse like a sailor nor is it cute when a child flips the bird, and it's not normal for a child to get away with stealing something.

I hate blasting car stereos, there's just no point.

I hate being asked, "Why are you going to have a cell phone when you don't answer it?" Just because it's a cell phone doesn't mean that I have to answer every call.

I hate people not taking proper care of their dogs, especially when they show up in my yard and leave a horse manure sized pile of crap on my property. I have 2 small female dogs, their poop is like pellets and the pee on the ground. I really don't appreciate your horse sized mammal lifting his leg on my grill.

I hate having to explain myself to anyone. The answer is "no" and that's all I have to say. If you really want to know why then don't get mad at my reasons.

I hate it when I make a great meal only to have someone ruin it with ketchup, I take ketchup as a personal insult.

I hate it when my coffee gets cold and I don't realize it until I take a sip of nasty coffee. I also hate that when I microwave it, it seems like I have to microwave it every other minute. It's never hot enough to stay hot, only hot enough to burn my mouth with the first sip then cool it off with the following sip.

I hate it when someone doesn't believe me when I say that I never received a call from them. Like T-Mobile is some infallible company that would always have me connect properly to a phone call and so I must therefore be lying.

I hate it when a song I've been waiting for on the radio starts playing when I reach my destination and I have to miss it because I'm running late.

I hate it when I check the time and the clock says 11:59, then I have to stare at the clock for the most agonizing 60 seconds of my life, but then my eyes get dry so I have to blink, when I open them, it's 12 and I missed it. It irks me all day.

I hate it when I'm watching a movie and hubby asks what it's about, so I have to pause it, explain it, then he leaves, comes back to ask what happened, so I have to pause it, explain it and silently curse him for interrupting right when it was getting good, or during the last 10 minutes.

I hate it when I get tongue tied while lecturing the kids about something serious because I can't keep a straight face as they crack up at Mommy sounding like an idiot.

I hate it when I have nothing to write about.