Monday, January 24, 2011

National Compliment Day

                        Today is National Compliment Day. I love how people need a day off of being a-holes to one another. Do we really need a special day to say something nice about our friends and loved ones to their faces? We certainly have no problem criticizing or even ridiculing someone publicly, but we need a little note on our calendar to tell us to be nice. I don't hate the idea of the day, but I can't help but to wonder, who recommended this day? Who approved it? Do calendar companies get memos from the White House?
                       Valentine's Day is almost here and I must admit, that's another one that has my eye twitching. For my kids I'll make them a little valentine and maybe even buy them a little bag of pink M&M's. I sometimes make heart shaped pancakes! I'll get real creative for them, but for the husband? Not so much. I've written poems to him and made little valentine notes when we were newlyweds and still liked each other. But now, we just give a little kiss, maybe a nice dinner, perhaps even flowers, and that's about it. I'm not a die hard anti-Valentine's Day person. I just don't get all the hype. I don't need a special day to say "I love you" to my husband. And I must admit, I'm not a romantic. Flowers die, chocolates make you fat and can cause cavities. If my husband wants to wow me on V-Day, he should just stick a wad of cash under my pillow. Then I can buy what I want. If I want to wow him, I'll just cook a great meal and wash the dishes in my underwear.
                   Personally I LOVE the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and don't you dare forget my birthday. I love to give hubby the perfect b-day gift. No pressure to appear romantic or some such nonsense, just a little something that shows effort and thought. And since it's a b-day and not a National Holiday, there's no color scheme, no printed tee-shirts with hearts and cartoon characters that only tiny teenagers can pull off. All I have to do is go to Game Stop grab a best seller and present it. I don't even have to wrap it or get a card. No pressure for me and he gets a new toy.
                  I'd love to create a national day. My national days would be:
1) Lack of Communication Day - No communicating whatsoever. No talking, texting, emailing, phone calls, notes, memos, sign language, not even a serenade. NADA.
2) National Tell Your Boss Off and Don't Get Fired Day- You can tell your boss off and not risk losing your job that day. The day after? That's a good question.
3) Marlon Brando Impersonation Day - There's really no point in this one, but it'd be awesome to hear the Godfather everywhere you went. And of course there would be a few "Stella!!!!" screams thrown in for good measure.
4) National Glee Day -  How cool would it be to have to sing every 15 minutes through out the day? I'd love to live my life as a musical for a day. I might even attempt to dance!
                   Those are my views on national days. I like some of the lesser known holidays, but some are quite frankly ridiculous. Earth day, grandparent's day, children's day, compliment day, teacher's day, all these days should be acknowledged more than once a year. Without a little note on the calendar. Just make a point to say a something nice, make a phone call to say hello, conserve water, and to be an overall thoughtful person and you wouldn't need a special day to remind you to be a decent human being.

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