Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make a List

                      The weekend that I started this blog my husband and children were sleeping over at his mother's house. Everything was immaculately clean and I had nothing else to do. All the clothes were washed and put away, there wasn't a spec of dust in sight, the sink was empty, and the fridge was full. Here I am 2 days later and I have a mountain of laundry to wash, fold and hang, the sink is full of dishes, a blanket of dust seems to have appeared overnight giving the furniture a dead gray hue, and I had no 2% milk for my coffee this morning. We're only supposed to drink the skim and leave the 2% for my coffee. And now we're having sandwiches or oodles of noodles for dinner since they've eaten everything in the fridge and pantry.
                  As I sit here and drink my odd tasting coffee I acknowledge all I have to do today. And instead of starting any of it, here I sit typing away about nothing at all. I'm a procrastinator. It's something I excel at. Hopefully the coffee will give me the jolt I need to get going soon. Until then I'll just keep writing about nonsense.
                  Something else that doesn't help is that I have no list of what to do today. I need a list. After I'm done with today's entry, I'll have another cup of weird coffee and make a list of my chores for today. By the time I'm done with the list I'll only have about an hour to get it all done before the kids get home from school. Thank heavens I only have to make sandwiches. I usually make my list the day before, listing everything from bills that must be paid, phone calls to make, errands, and household chores. But I didn't make a list for today. Without a list then nothing will get done and our entire world will collapse. If a surprise task is presented before me, it will be met by the burly bouncer dude in my head (in my mind he wears a tight yellow shirt and an ear piece) and he'll say, "Sorry, not on the list". I'm one of those people that have made lists, lost lists, and instead of trying to accomplish what I can remember, I simply don't do any of it because I'm too busy creating a new list for the next day. I have made a shopping list, gone to the store, left the list in the car, gotten a cart full of stuff none of which includes a single item on the list. When that happened, not only was there no dog food, tooth paste, or fruit roll ups, but my budget was shot for the week and I couldn't pay the water bill until payday. See? I need a list.
                   My coffee is done and I have to get moving because my son has therapy today. But first I need to take a shower and get started on my list. Before I do that though, I need to leave a post it note in the shower to remind myself to make my list.

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